Dog Show Massage



Michele Ross Rockwell has been asked to have her Massage Therapy   booth at dog shows in CA, OR, WA, ID, & Purina Farms in MO since 2009...averaging 48 shows per year.  She has been extremely well received. Michele laughs when people refer to her as

"the Massage Lady".


 **  Michele currently has over 3800 clients ....of which over 2000 are dogs.  She averages 150-200 canine sessions per month and the same amount for people. 

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Services Michele Offers

Medical Massage for People


Carpal Tunnel

Handler's Hand

Tennis Elbow


Rotator Cuff Issues

Neck/Back pain

Knee/foot/leg pain

Relieving Tension

Headache Relief


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Canine Massage


 The Benefits of having a professional therapist work on your dog are numerous. Not only is she trained and experienced in working with the canine anatomy but her respect for the "athlete inside' each dog helps her thorough treatments give your dog a better quality of life on a daily basis 

Movement Assessment & Therapy

Relaxation Massage

Cannine Sports Massage for active dogs

Rehabilitation Massage Therapy

Neck/Back issues

Senior massage

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