Foot Reflexology, Medical Massage, and Canine Massage

Foot Reflexology

Relaxing, soothing, and healthy Foot Reflexology is offered by Michele at dog shows to give handlers, exhibitors, vendors, and spectators the unique chance to have a professional reflexology treatment while at the event. All of us know how being on our feet for hours & running on concrete can hurt our feet day after day at shows. Michele has been a Reflexologist for 33 years and has taught for 20. Just one treatment can give your feet the relief you deserve.

"Foot Reflexology is a science which deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. Stimulating these reflexes properly may help many health problems in a natural way and work as a type of preventative maintenance.

There is evidence that Reflexology was practiced as early as 2330 B.C. by the Egyptian culture. Reflexology as we know it today was first researched and developed by Eunice Ingham, the pioneer of this field. Her first book on the subject was published in 1938 and for decades her nephew, Dwight C. Byers, has been considered * 'the world's leading authority on Foot Reflexology."

Michele originally trained under Mr. Byers. She has been practicing and teaching the Ingham method of Reflexology over 30 years.

 *"The Ingham Method® of Reflexology is used primarily for relaxing tension. Doctors agree that over 75% of our health problems can be linked to nervous stress and tension. Reflexology improves nerve and blood supply, and helps nature to normalize."

* International Institute of Reflexology 

Medical Massage for Arms, Hands and Shoulders

Relax in the reclining chair while Michele uses Medical Massage Techniques to help with hand, arm and shoulder issues.    

             Try this advanced type of therapy to help with:

            Handler's hand

            Carpal Tunnel

            Tennis Elbow
            Rotator Cuff issues

            Relieving Tension

Table Massage for Back, Neck, Leg Issues

 Michele takes a massage table with her to all shows to better serve people with lower/upper back, shoulder, neck, leg, arm and hand problems.  Relaxing, yet therapeutic, medical massage techniques are used.  

Canine Massage

 Michele started her Tender Touch Therapy for Dogs business 19 years ago when she was asked to have a booth at a dog show in Oregon. Michele continues to train, take classes and work with veterinarians in four states to keep her knowledge & expertise current.  For her more than 1000 canine clients Michele has done more than 3500 canine massage therapy sessions in the past 5 years alone.

Canine massage can be beneficial to calm and relax tension of  show dogs, performance dogs and companion dogs.  . It also increases circulation, strengthens, soothes and relieves pain in tired muscles, energizes and improves agility.

Michele uses a variety of massage techniques and adapts to each dog's specific needs.

The benefits of having a professional therapist work on your dog are numerous. Not only is she trained and experienced in working with the canine anatomy but her respect for the ‘athlete inside’ each dog helps her thorough treatments give your dog a better quality of life on a daily basis.

Canine Therapies Offered

 **Movement Assessment and Therapy helps dogs in Conformation, Performance Sports & Daily Life

**Relaxation Massage helps the fearful dog and teaches dogs that being touched by a stranger can be a good thing  which can be especially helpful in the Conformation Ring

**Canine Sports Massage helps to improve your dog’s performance in many ways.

**Rehabilitation Massage Therapy can help your dog recover from injury or illness.